Maath Mage Hitha Hadagannam

Produced By

Pasan Liyanage

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Release Date

Dec 14, 2017

Maath Mage Hitha Hadagannam Lyrics

Maath Mage Hitha Hadagannam Lyrics English Translation

The night is beautiful
Wrote poems for the moon and the stars
I will make up my mind
Because you are not with me

Sing the verses of one of my poems
Keep your eyes moist
You must have slept well at night
Because I am not with you

Sun and moon are not separated
Payana in the same sky
So why are we sad?
One day we will meet

Maath Mage Hitha Hadagannam Lyrics English Meaning

Speaking of war and conflict
What can be said about it?
If only my heart could bear it all
Then I wouldn’t be left behind

My past deeds haunt me
Every night I toss and turn
But the morning comes without hope
And I’m still left behind

The scars of battle don’t fade away
One wound after another
What’s left for us to do?
We struggle through each day

The lyrics of the song describe the pain and longing of the singer for someone they love. The singer feels like they cannot live without this person and is asking why they are not by their side. The lyrics also talk about the singer’s thoughts and feelings, as well as the memories they share with the person they love. The last verse talks about the difficulty of being separated from someone you love and wondering why fate has brought them apart. Overall, the song conveys the intense emotions and longing that can come with love and separation.



Produced by

Pasan Liyanage

Written By

Pasan Liyanage, Susantha Dandeniya




Redfox Records


Maath Mage Hitha Hadagannam (Lyric Video) - Pasan & Tharindu feat. Tharaka (Lyric by Susantha)

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