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Thilina Boralessa

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Mar 16, 2023

Pawee Lyrics Kanchana Anuradhi

Pawee Lyrics Kanchana Anuradhi English Translation

Where is the smile in the eyes?
No love stories //
Calm down
your hotness
Floating somewhere…
Floating somewhere…

Like flowers
Float at will…
You too…
I’m burning…

In the river of tears
Dela Malyaye… //
Take the smell
Every now and then
Floated again…
Floated again…

Sakisande Preme
You are my soul
Caught in the wind…
Don’t come again…

Pawee Lyrics Kanchana Anuradhi English Meaning

The song is called “Sina Ko Dawase” and the lyrics tell a story about a person who is feeling lonely and missing someone special. The first verse says that they don’t have anyone to talk to and they are feeling sad. They are longing for the person they miss and wondering where they are.

The second verse talks about how their heart is aching and they are constantly thinking about the person they miss. They are hoping that the person will come back to them and fill the void in their life.

The chorus repeats the phrase “kohedo pawe” which means “where have you gone?” and expresses the person’s longing for the one they miss. They wonder where the person is and why they haven’t come back yet.

The third verse describes the beauty of nature around them, but how it’s meaningless without the person they miss. They are waiting for the person to come back and make everything beautiful again.

The song ends with the person saying that they are waiting and hoping for the person they miss to come back to them. They want to be reunited and share their lives together once again.



Produced by

Thilina Boralessa

Written By

Kanchana Anuradhi




Kanchana Anuradhi


PAWEE ( පාවේ ) - Kanchana Anuradhi | Thilina Boralessa

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