Enna Aiye Enna Akke Sindu Kiyanna

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Ruwan Srilal

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Enna Aiye Enna Akke Sindu Kiyanna Lyrics

Enna Aiye Enna Akke Sindu Kiyanna Lyrics English Translation

come brother
Come and sing, sister
Here with me
Dance the disco
You don’t need pills to sing with me
I don’t want drugs, I don’t want to drink…//

Who said disco dancing?
This guy came from the country
Since ancient times
I will do this fight
All together
Give your partner
Little brother and sister

come brother
Come on, sister, sing..

Music born in this country
Appreciate me
Help to learn
Do it now
Diss Kamalasan
To Palavalidu area
Michael Jackson

come brother
Come sing sister…

Little Mahatma Chamagalu
Saying songs
Our disco from the country
Jackson’s wife
Now set in stone
Take this image
Put on your clothes

come brother
Come on, sister, sing..

Enna Aiye Enna Akke Sindu Kiyanna Lyrics English Meaning

The lyrics seem to be calling for unity and a celebration of music and dance. The phrases “Come brother” and “Come and sing, sister” suggest an invitation to come together and enjoy the music.

The lyrics mention disco dancing and the need for drugs or alcohol to enjoy the music, suggesting a message of positivity and a focus on the joy of dancing rather than substance use.

The mention of various celebrities and musicians, including Kamalasan, Amitabhachan, Palavalidu area, and Michael Jackson, suggests a celebration of diverse cultural influences in music and dance.

The lyrics also mention a “Little Mahatma Chamagalu” singing songs and the idea of “Our disco from the country,” suggesting a pride in their own cultural identity and a celebration of their own unique music and dance styles. Overall, the lyrics seem to be encouraging unity, celebration, and a love of music and dance regardless of cultural or social background.



Produced by

Ruwan Srilal

Written By

Ruwan Srilal




Torana Digital (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka


Enna aiyye enna akke sindukiyanne by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadadu From Torana Archives

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