Hana Shafa Reaches 100K Followers Milestone on Instagram

Hana Shafa, a Sri Lankan singer at the young age of seventeen, has captured the attention of many music enthusiasts worldwide. Her incredible vocal range and captivating performances have earned her a substantial social media following, with 100,000 followers on Instagram and 300,000 on Facebook. Let’s delve into her journey to stardom and discover the reasons for her popularity.

The Voice-Teens

Hana’s journey to fame began with her participation in Sirasa TV’s popular TV reality show, The Voice-Teens. Her exceptional performances on the show impressed the judges and the audience, ultimately leading her to the Knockout round and securing a devoted fan base.

YouTube Sensation

After achieving success on The Voice-Teens, Hana’s popularity skyrocketed on YouTube. Her mashup, featuring Yanna Yanawada, Siri Sangabo, and Sanda wage penawa, garnered almost five million views on the platform. Her cover of Mihindu Ariyaratne’s “Chakithaya” accumulated three million views, occupying the top spot for two weeks. These performances exhibited her versatility as a singer, establishing her as a budding star in the Sri Lankan music industry.

Academic Pursuits

Despite her successful career as a singer, Hana remains dedicated to her academic pursuits. She attends the Princess of Wales College in Moratuwa and aspires to become a lawyer. Her GCE Advanced Level exam includes subjects such as geography, history, and media. Her commitment to education reflects her strong work ethic and determination to excel in all aspects of her life.

Musical Talents

Hana’s musical talents extend beyond her extraordinary singing voice. She is a member of the College choir, plays the trumpet in the western band, and the geta beraya in the Hewisi band. Her varied range of musical abilities distinguishes her from other young singers and demonstrates her love for music.

Social Media Success

Hana’s social media success can be attributed to several factors. Her performances on The Voice-Teens and YouTube helped establish a loyal fan base that follows her every move. She updates her social media profiles frequently with behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life and performances with other musicians. Her magnetic personality and striking performances have contributed to her large following on Instagram and Facebook.

In Conclusion

Hana Shafa is a young and gifted singer who has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Her rise to fame on The Voice-Teens and YouTube has established a devoted fan base and a significant social media following. Her dedication to education and diverse range of musical talents reflect her commitment and passion for success. We look forward to witnessing the bright future of this rising star in the Sri Lankan music industry.

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