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La Signore

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Aug 18, 2013

Labandiye Lyrics

Labandiye Lyrics English Translation

You come to the wind
I hope you will come now
The white swan is lying on the wing
Let’s make love secretly
Gained. Gained
Masitin imprisoned
Gained. Gained
Separated from Masitin

Shining like a flower
Shower me with pearly kisses
Trapped between those two lips
If I have to stay alone
Gained. Gained
Masitin imprisoned
Gained. Gained
Masitin loved

Kiri Kavadi Malae I gota
Shape your neck
Finding the limits of the happiness I enjoyed
You leave us in the wind
Gained. Gained
Masitin imprisoned
Gained. Gained

Labandiye Lyrics English Meaning

The lyrics you provided seem to be a mix of different languages and may not make complete sense when translated directly. However, here is an attempt to interpret the meaning of the lyrics in English:

The lyrics seem to be describing a romantic or passionate encounter between two individuals, possibly involving some sort of secret love affair. The mention of a white swan and flowers suggests a romantic and intimate setting.

The phrase “Gained. Gained” appears several times throughout the lyrics, but its meaning is unclear without additional context. It may be a repeated refrain or a reference to some sort of gain or victory.

The mention of Masitin suggests that this may be a name of a person or a character in the lyrics. The lines “Masitin imprisoned” and “Separated from Masitin” suggest some sort of conflict or separation between the two individuals involved in the encounter. Overall, the lyrics seem to be poetic and somewhat abstract, making it difficult to fully interpret their meaning without additional context or information about the specific song or artist.



Produced by

Lahiru Perera

Written By

Lahiru Nilnuwan Perera, Manuranga Wijesekara




Music Oven Records/MILK Toronto Records


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