Yakada Manamali

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Sanjeew Lonliyes

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Nov 4, 2022

Yakada Manamali Lyrics

Yakada Manamali Lyrics English Translation

Filled with art
Cannabis-strewn fierce chest boards
I see too
In this society
Lots of pieces of work
On smart screens
I did not see their raw pieces
Art Bobmali is also painted on the brick wall

Collected and old
Pieces of goods
Rotten delicate
Iron Bride
Rows of rusty rust
Veddage in the forest
Iron Bride

The fragrance is a flower pot of iron that does not rust
Can’t think of selling delicate pieces to Colombo
But the little ones cry
The woman who is waiting

There are many kinds of flowers in the forest
There are many kinds of flowers in the forest

Collected pieces of old stuff
Wrought iron brides
Rows of rusty rust
The Iron Bride of Kale Vedda

Yakada Manamali Lyrics English Meaning

The lyrics seem to be a poem or song that contains vivid descriptions of various artworks and objects, including paintings, smart screens, brick walls, and wrought iron brides. The writer reflects on the society and how art is displayed and appreciated within it.

The lyrics also mention the beauty of nature, specifically the forest and its various types of flowers. There is a sense of nostalgia and longing for the past, as seen in the descriptions of “collected and old pieces of goods” and “rows of rusty rust.”

The lines “The fragrance is a flower pot of iron that does not rust” and “Can’t think of selling delicate pieces to Colombo” suggest a concern for preserving art and beauty in the face of modernization and commercialization. Overall, the lyrics appear to be a reflection on the value of art and nature in a changing world.



Produced by

Sanjeew Lonliyes

Written By

Sanjeew Lonliyes




Sanjeew Lonliyes


Yakada manamali | Sanjeew Lonliyes යකඩ මනමාලී| අමු සින්දුව

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